Wednesday, October 24, 2012

31 Days (Day 24) Trying something New - Water Aerobics

Hello.  Anyone there?  (I'm trying to be funny since I really stopped this whole 31 days of writing thing)

I tried a new activity today at the Y.  Water Aerobics.  It was really fun to splash around for an hour.  I bet I'll really feel the effects tomorrow.  I remembered that it feels good to play and workout.  I logged my exercise on my fitness app and was happy to see that water aerobics was a decent calorie burner, over 300 calories in an hour.

I was able to increase my heart rate without ever becoming exceedingly winded.  This means that I was able to efficiently bring oxygen into my body, which allows your body to better burn fat calories. (Hoo-ray!)  Working out very hard and breathing very quickly, leads to less oxygen into your body, and fewer fat calories being burned.  Instead of fat, you body will (eventually) find the calories from your lean muscle tissue (this is not what you want).

I was so happy to see the variety of women in the class.  One lady was able to grab her toes in the cool-down time and she cried out in happy surprise.  Warmed my heart.

I regret not seeking out a water aerobics class when I was pregnant with Xavier.  I got so big (for me), my back and hips were down-right painful, the summer was exceedingly hot.  Water aerobics would've been perfect.  So let that be my recommendation to you.  If you are pregnant and looking for comfortable exercise, find a water aerobics class.

The next class I want to try, spinning, an even bigger calorie burner.

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