Monday, July 30, 2012

Thirft Find: The most awesome faux-fireplace-foldout-bar-armoir Ever

Look at this beauty I found on my lunch break last week at the Goodwill in Greenwood Indiana (on Emerson).  It might still be there?!?  They were asking $150.  If we were in our downtown condo, I would've wanted this.  I don't know where I would've put it, but it's awesome.

I had to take a double take.  Fake Fireplace. Fold-out bar area.  Maybe a (missing) radio area.   I wonder if we could retro fitted a TV into this thing?  I hope this thing ends up in fun-loving, chic, vintage home.

Can't you just see this all decorated for Christmas.  Maybe playing the John Waters Christmas album and reading the David Sedaris Christmas book, Holiday's on Ice.  I also see the owner drinking a dirty martini and wearing a smoking jacket.  And smoking.

Hey, look there's me in the mirror. 

I did a quick search and found these other pieces like this online.  Here's one link.

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  1. Wow amazing!!! Never seen anything like this. Thanks so much for linking up with our Thrift Haul! <3


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