Tuesday, January 31, 2012

52 Bites: End of January Progress

Progress made on simplifying life, guided by Simple Mom's book that I'm referring to as 52 Bites.

#29 and #30 Switch to eco-friendly skin and hair care.  I like the oil-cleaning method for face washing.  I've been using it at night and still using some face wash in the AM.  We'll see, I may convert over to an all-oil-face-washing routine.   Right now I'm using olive oil and castor oil, but I've bought some apricot oil to replace the olive oil.  I'm not crazy about the olive smell while washing my face.  We have also been trying out Dr Bronner's soaps for the kids.  I didn't realize how concentrated it was and we've used it a little too quickly.  I do like the Castille soap for all-over body cleaning.  We have converntional soap we need to use up but I think I'd like to switch to using Dr Bronner's castille soaps on a regular basis.  I'm planning to use them with one of those pumps that foams up the soap while dispensing.  I think that will help use it at a more appropriate concentration.

I tried the baking soda and water with apple cidar vinegar for washing my haior and clarifing it.  I didn't like it.  I could almost use it on and off with a shampoo, my hair and scalp did still feel clean.  I didn't like the process of using the two mixtures in the shower - It was squirting cold water on my head in a hot shower.  Did not enjoy.  The last thing I need is some way to make a morning less enjoyable.  So I have now begun trying a suggestions from Rachel Meeks at Small Notebook for Kiss My Face natural shampoo.  I really like this shampoo.  I'm going to keep using it.  Brandon and I can both use the shampoo, de-cluttering the shelf in out shower.

Rachel Meeks also recommends another Kiss My Face product, and Olive Oil bar of soap.  I picked that up too when I found the shampoo.  I don't know if I'll like the smell or like using a bar of soap but I'm going to give it a shot.

#37 Entertainment Sources - streamlined.  We've really had this done for some time.  We are very internet-based: Netflix, Hulu Plus, trying out Amazon's features, no cable TV and I don't miss it at all - seriously.

Making a full on effort to read as often as possible on my Kindle.  We've started an Amazon Prime account where I can access books included in that price.  I've been borrowing Kindle books from the library too.  If book club is reading something I would need to buy for the Kindle I'm going to try to just get the paper copy from the library, purely for finances.  Love my Kindle.  Since the pages can be turned with the push of a button and it's light enough to hold in one hand - it makes it easy to read while nursing baby.

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