Sunday, July 17, 2011

30 Weeks Pregnant, 10 to go to Term

Last week started off a little crazy and busy.  We had the lovely family photos taken from a Groupon we bought on January 1st for $40.  I'm very happy with the couple shots we've seen and we'll have the rest of the photos in a couple of months.  I'm really glad this gave me the chance to take some maternity pictures.  I didn't take any with Aidan, and I regretted it.  It took me forever to figure out what I should wear.  I wanted to coordinate with the guys, be comfortable, feel pretty, and show off the belly.  I think the dress worked.

On Tuesday night, Bookclub met and it was my turn to pick the book, restaurant, and have a little treat for everyone.  A couple of others have been able to coordinate a really cute theme around their book pick.  I went with a French cooking theme, right up my alley!  To top it off - this week was Bastille Day, so the date worked really well.  We had yummy French food at Petit Chou in Broadripple.  The staff was very nice, the food was tres bien, the lighting was overheating our table.  Those little spot lights can be very warm when you sit right underneath them.  Doesn't help that the weather was super warm too, I would've requested a table outside, but the weather kept calling for storms, which never arrived.  For a gift for all of the ladies, a family friend gave me crocheted pot holders and dish clothes, which I wrapped around either a spatula or a gently used book from my shelves, that pertained to the French theme.  For the cherry on top, we'll be reading "My Life in France," by Julia Child and her nephew, Alex Prud'homme.  I also gave away a copy of the book to lady who guessed what the book was - Cindy got it right!

Later in the week, I have to give 2 weeks notice to daycare that we would need to keep Aidan at home for a while and maybe forever, while we figure out our new life.  Baby will likely not be going to daycare right away, but staying home with Daddy and Big Brother Aidan.  I have to go back to work at 6 weeks because I don't qualify for FMLA.  Donna was sad when I broke the news to her.  I stressed that everything may change in a moments notice depending on our job situations.

I wrapped up the week Saturday by attending this big program St vincent's Hospital in Carmel was holding for their women-focused programs.  I saw a little bit of their renvoated maternity floor and met some staff.  My OB doc will delivery at either the hospital I had Aidan at, IU Health North, or St V's in Carmel.  I want to make an appointment for a private tour with Brandon of the rest of the St V's unit but I did like it.  The nurses are trained in massage and aromatherapy and the unit also has the birthing balls, bar etc, to help with natural childbirth.  I can't afford a doula this time around, so this may be the closest I can get.  I also really like that they interview the mom-to-be and develop a birth-plan prior to coming in when your in labor.  this is then ready for staff and doctors, in your chart when you check in. 

Saturday afternoon, family stopped in for a break from the road between Detroit and Atlanta.  Aidan had so much fun with his older (second) cousins Zach and Zoe.  They played catch, looked for bugs, made forts, and just generally giggled and screamed a lot. :)  Aunt Shelley and I put together more of the nursery.  We moved around furniture more (don't worry I didn't do anything but direct).  The nursing chair I used with Aidan doesn't fit well, so It's just going to have to move into the living room, where it still doesn't fit well.  Shelley hung pitcure on the wall for me and we finished the sorting and repacking of clothes.  The boxes have been re-labeled and are ready to go back into the attic.

They hit the road early Sunday morning.  I really wasn't feeling very tired but decided to lay back down when they left.  And thus began m,y day of sleeping.  I basically slept all day.  I woke up at 8AM, ate breakfast, went back to bed, woke at 1PM and ate a snack.  At that time, Aidan and Brandon were also napping.  I didn't want to make noise doing stuff around the house - so I decided to join them in another nap until 4:30PM.  Aidan and I spent all day in our jammies.  That's fun to do every now and then! Now it's 11PM, and I'm ready to go back to bed.  I guess I needed the rest. 

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