Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sad Sap Books

I am declaring 'ENOUGH' to the sad ending books I've checked out recently from the library!  The last two audio books I've listened too, Friday Night Knitting Club, and Certain Girls, have had main characters die at the end.  Totally out the blue. Dead.  I'm just driving along, enjoying the story, and then WHAM! Dead character, sadness. yadda yadda.  Grrrrr

Sunday, November 7, 2010

New old car

We bought a new-to-us car last night!  It's an old Subaru, 1999, with 126,000 miles.  Hopefully it has another 126,000 in it!  We looked at new cars but just couldn't justify the expense.  I'm looking forward to driving this car in the snow.  The seats are heated and the windshield wipes are heated too, or something like that.  Its the all weather package ;)

We had to car shop with Aidan yesterday, which was not real easy.  He did keep busy playing in the kid area but it was comical if Brandon and I tried to discuss anything with the salesman.  We basically had to tag team.  So here's the car.  Brandon named her Nina Totenpledge.  Like NPR - need a tote bag, pledge.  Ha ha ha.  It did come set to NPR.  I figured that was standard on all Subarus ;)
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