Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Understand The-Big-Car-Want A Little More Today

After my little crash into a deer yesterday, I'm starting to understand - or better yet - remember the country girl want for a big car again.  Being a former country-girl, then downtown-girl, now transplanted to the Indy burbs, I often smirk and shake my head a all of the HUGE cars driving around.  Really  - you need a Hummer for Indianapolis???  Better slow way down in the Hummer for this bumpy pavement, wouldn't want the road to get too rough....

Hopefully I my car will be repairable.  We would be really stretched to buy a new or used vehicle.   But if I need need to get a new car. what would I get?  Would I want some sort of Small SUV or mini van?  I really like the Subaru and they're also made in Indiana, as are several Toyota models.  A Honda Element sounds nice too....

 Why am I changing my mind from my former like of compact to mid-sized cars?  The deer could've gone through my windshield.  Just seconds in a different direction and the result could've been much worse.  Since I don't see myself getting a job anytime soon that won't require me to drive all over hill and dale, maybe I should have a little more rugged car - higher up, bigger grill?  Or maybe not.  Maybe that wouldn't make any difference as far as safety.

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!
We love you!
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hit a Deer Today

Yuck, I smacked my car straight into a 8 point buck.  It happened so quickly, the car is not in good shape.  Don't know if it can be fixed? While a new-to-me car would be fun, I hope this one can be fixed.

At the end of the day, I'm very happy to be OK, that Aidan wasn't with me and that I'm well taken care of.  Bonus, the state police asked us if we wanted the deer - so we got some venison out of the deal.

When I got home I was very happy to give my little bear a big hug and kiss.
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