Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Girls trip - Nails

These photos are from June, when my brother got married.  My mom, my little sister and I all went to go get our mails done together.  Mom and I tried the new Axxium OPI polish.  It really held on to our nails.  We both ended up picking it off after a couple weeks.  This probably was the wrong thing to do - but it worked.  I think it damaged my nails a little bit to pick off the polish :)  Live and learn.  Margaret had a crazy French manicure done with hot pink on her tips and little decals added to her nails.  It looked really cute.
Me and Mom

The happy couple that evening at he rehersal dinner.

The finished product: Margaret, Mom, Me
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Funny Aidan Comment Today

There is ia sweet little newborn baby who started at daycare today. Donna asked me if I wanted to hold the baby, well yeah!!!
As soon as I had the little guy snuggled up to me, Aidan pointed at me and then Donna and said (with aurthority) Momma Back! Which means "Mom give the baby back to Donna."
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